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Deer Velvet and Sinew Supplement

Deer Velvet and Sinew Supplement

Package: 100 tablets


Made with deer velvet powder & deer sinew powder. A powerful combination of sinew and velvet that may enhance immunity, help stimulate cell growth, accelerate metabolism, address sensitive skin and coat, improve wound healing, promote joint health, manage arthritis, and is helpful in stimulating blood circulation.


Typical Analysis:
Protein                        32.8%
Fat                                           4.3%
Moisture                     4.6%
Carbohydrates            52.5%

Glucosamine               1.5mg
Calcium                                   9.5mg
Magnesium                 1.1mg
Phosphorus                 4.8mg
Energy                         2.1Kcal


Recommended Daily Serving:
Cat                                                 1 tablet
Small pet (<10kg)                    2 tablets
Medium pet (11-25kg)            2 tablets
Large pet (26-41kg)                3 tablets

• For cats' and dogs' consumption

· Treats should compose no more than 10% of your pet's daily calorie intake

• Store in a cool dry place 

• Consume under supervision

• Make sure your pet chews product thoroughly before swallowing                                      

• Refrigerate after opening

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