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About PawsBite

PawsBite passionately believes that furry pals are the most loyal friends of human beings. We should keep our promise of love, devotion and care to them throughout our lifetime.

Dog in Nature


 To cherish every moment with your furry companion, as well as to increase quality time with them, we have tailored a series of low heat air-dried, yet palatable and healthy treats of grazing cattle and sheep from New Zealand.  Our treats are specially formulated in small bite sizes so that pets of all breeds can chew easily during playtime or training.  Let's interact with your cutie pies with "Quality Time, Quality treats!" now!

Our Treats

Originated from New Zealand, PawsBite uses grazing cattle and sheep as raw materials to produce delicious, nutritious and 100% natural, low-heat air-dried pet treats with zero additives.  All PawsBite products have obtained MPI certification in New Zealand, ensuring that both pet owners and their beloved ones are filled with delights of enjoying quality treats.   

Happy Dog
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